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Saving For The Weekend
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Power Of The Blues
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News For You.mp3
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Solo - How We Used To Be
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Solo - News For You 1
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Track List

Power Of The Blues
Saving For The Weekend
How We Used To Be
News For You
Lover Boy
The Reason For Your Leaving
Doctor Of Love
Solo - How We Used To Be
Solo - News For You
Out-Take - News For You

Nigel Spiers - Keyboards & Vocals.
Simon Marks - Bass & Vocals.
Brian Harley - Guitars.
Jo Lincoln - Vocals.
Al Olds - Drums.

Songs & Lyrics:
Tracks 1,2,4,5,7,8,9 © Nigel Spiers.
Tracks 3,6 © Simon Marks.
Tracks 10,11,12 © Brian Harley

Recorded in 1999 at Plynlimon Garage Studio,
Christchurch, New Zealand.
Mixed & mastered in 2010 by Nigel Spiers & Nick
Blackmore at Grahams Road Studio, Christchurch,
New Zealand.

Album Notes

It was the 3rd of August 1999 when Brian Harley first visited our garage studio to lay down some guitar tracks. While he strapped on his vintage Telecaster I said “let’s start with a simple swing 12 bar. Do you want to listen to it first?”. “No” said Brian “just hit record and I’ll play along”. Half way through the recording I looked across at Simon. He was standing stock still, eyes shut and with a huge smile on his face. Bonus track 10 on this album was the first and only take. We had seen Brian live on many occasions and loved his playing but what we could not have anticipated was his passion, endless creativity and sheer lyricism. He visited twice more during that Spring and at the end said “now all you need is Al Olds on drums and Jo Lincoln’s gospel vocals”.
Ten years later I was looking through some old music magazines in the garage and found a box of 60 CD’s containing backups of all the tracks and out-takes. I loaded one into ProTools and fell in love all over again with the sheer magic of Brian’s playing. It was also clear that previous mixes had not done justice to Al Olds’s marvelously sympathetic drumming nor Jo Lincoln‘s power vocals. Included on this CD are remixes of all nine songs plus bonus tracks featuring three of Brian’s guitar solos.

Album: Old Dogs New Tricks

Blues, Rock, Gospel & Swing originals by The Garage Swing Band featuring guitar sensation Brian Harley, Gospel diva Jo Lincoln and Rhythm & Blues master drummer Al Olds.
Also includes 3 bonus tracks featuring Brian's guitar solos and out-takes.

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