I Put A Spell On You
930kb - 0:40

Last Night
930kb - 0:40

Ooh Ya Ya
930kb - 0:40

Johnny B Goode.mp3
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You Don't Love Me
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Track List

I Put A Spell On You
Jay Hawkins
Last Night
Nigel Spiers
Ooh Ya Ya
Nigel Spiers
Johnny B Goode
Chuck Berry
You Don't Love Me
Nigel Spiers
Dixie Chicken
Paul Barrere
Heart Of Stone
Roger Cotton
Here In The Dark
Bernard Anderson
Unchain My Heart
Bobby Sharp & Teddy Powell
Down In Dixieland
Nigel Spiers
Let Them Talk
Nigel Spiers

Vocals - Nigel Spiers (Christchurch)
Drums - Shannon Forrest (Nashville), Craig Scott
(Vancouver), Kenneth Blevins (Nashville), Shawn Soucy
(Vancouver), Pat Seward (Vancouver), Owen Giblin
(Christchurch), Oliver Spiers (Brighton)
Piano - John Jarvis (Nashville), Miles Black (Vancouver),
Kevin McKendree (Nashville)
Organ - Chris Nole (Nashville), Nigel Spiers (Christchurch)
Bass - Steve Mackey (Nashville), Craig Young (Nashville),
Byron House (Nashville), Dow Tomlin (Nashville),
Helen Langen (Christchurch)
Guitar - Sol Philcox (Nashville), Jack Pearson (Nashville),
Brent Mason (Nashville), Rob McNelley (Nashville),
Steve Hinson (Nashville), Bruce Ivey (Christchurch)
Sax - Gary Smulyan (New York), Mark Douthit (Nashville),
Tom Keenlyside (Vancouver)

Recorded in 2014 in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Mixed in 2015 by Oliver Spiers (Brighton, UK) & Nigel Spiers (Christchurch, New Zealand).
Mastered in 2015 by Peter Rattray in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Contact us at info@bluesandviews.com

Album Notes
My long term addiction to the Blues widened to Southern
US music in April of 2006 on a road trip from Austin to
New Orleans. I don’t think of Texas without humming a few
bars from Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys and the song
“Last Night” on this album is dedicated to them. Bob was
also a Blues fan, played his first gig in blackface and his
favourite singer was Bessie Smith. Legend has it that he
once rode fifty miles on horseback from the family cotton
farm just to see her sing live.
I am in awe of Nashville , the musical talent it has attracted
from all over the world and the sheer diversity and quality
of the music produced in this city. Most of the wonderful
musicians on this album live in Nashville and lend a lovely
southern feel to songs such as “You Don’t Love Me”, “Unchain
My Heart” and “Let Them Talk”.
New Orleans is my favourite southern city and many of the
songs on this album, including the title track "Ooh Ya Ya",
and "Down in Dixieland" were inspired by the street musicians.

Album: Ooh Ya Ya

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