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The Kaikoura Coast.

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The Store - Kekerengu.
This cafe at the northen
end of the Kairkoura
Coast is an absolute
gem - great food,
fascinating interior
and sympathetic design

Kekerengu Beach View.
Looking out through the
windows of "The Store"
at Kekerengu to the
rolling lawns, beach
and the Pacific Ocean.

Beach Still Life.
The huge waves along
the Kaikoura coast
leave plenty of scope
and interest for beach
walkers and artists

Kaikoura Waves 1
Driving south and
regardless of the
weather and time of
year you are almost
guaranteed a
spectacular display

Kaikoura Waves 2
Even on a still Winter's
day the steeply
shelved beaches
provide drama at
every turn in the road

Kaikoura Waves 3
The show goes on
with every wave
trying to outdo
the last

Kaikoura Seal Colony
South of the township
of Kaikoura the coast
becomes much more
rocky and that's where
you will find the Seals.
You don't need a
guided tour nor a sign.
You just park on the side
of Highway One, walk 10
metres down onto the
rocks and there they are

Curious & Friendly
This handsome chap
has had a delightful
aftermoon sunbathing on
the warm winter rocks

Time for Dinner
He gazes longingly
out to sea and the
and the sea-food
smorgasboard that
awaits him

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