2007 on Camera

Rarotonga, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong River, Tweed Heads & Friends.

Click picture for close up view

Market Day on The Mekong
A busy morning two hours
south east of Bangkok
on the Mekong canals.

Carmel Courtney
Christchurch's own queen
of sax during a recording
and mixing session.

Sisters on Parade
The girls trying to sneak
up on some unsuspecting
seaguls at Tweed Heads.

The Lone Surfer
Looking across the bay
from Tweed Heads to
Surfers Paradise.

Beach Brawl
A territorial dispute
breaks out on the beach
at Tweed Heads.

Morning on the Saigon River
Early morning on the
Saigon River in the heart
of Ho Chi Minh City.

Fishing on Lake Hoan Kiem
Early evening on lake
Hoan Kiem in the centre
of Hanoi.

Girls in Ao Dai
Hanoi girls in their
traditional Ao Dai.

Hanoi Alley
Mother cooks an evening
meal while supervising
bike repairs.

Mike Arthur
Christchurch guitarist
Mike Arthur giving the
Strat a working over
in the studio.

Malaysian Lizard
A cheeky smirk from
a lizard at the Kuala
Lumpur Aquarium.

Bird of Paradise
Just one of the
spectacular winter flowers
of Rarotonga.

Naturally Woven
The trunk of the Bird
of Paradise Tree.

What Do You Want?
Monkey at the Kuala
Lumpur Aquarium.

Gals on The Beach
The bubbles take effect
on Ngaio beach
Tasman Bay.

Rarotonga Bound
Still used in building
construction in the
Cook Islands.

Reed Fishing
A visitor tries his hand
fishing with a looped
reed Rarotonga style.

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