Website Links
Here are a few of the sites and search engines around the web that we recommend:

Blues News
Iconic New Zealand website run by Mike garner featuring International and New Zealand Blues news and an extensive back catalogue of news, who's who and reviews.

This site has an excellent and in-depth "Travel Guide for Blues Lovers" which includes clubs, venues and festivals in New Orleans, Mississippi, Austen, Chicago and Memphis.

Royalty Free Images
Do you need photos, images or video for your projects?
Dreamstime has more than 12 million covering every imaginable topic and they are all high quality. By the time you have found your camera, taken the shot and loaded it into Photoshop you could have downloaded exactly what you need at a fraction of the cost. View my portfolio here

CD Baby
One of the world's leading Internet shops for music CD's and MP3 album downloads. Covers a vast range of genres and includes popular and indie artists.
The Mother of all Blues Links Collections - including Links to Bluesbands/artists, Blues Artwork, Blues cd's/dvd's, Blues forum's, Blues gear, Blues lyrics, Blues museum's, Blues photography, Blues radio, Blues clubs, Blues festivals (sorted by month), Blues labels, Blues magazines, Blues societies, World-wide bluescalender, Blues weblogs and Blues podcasts.

A Blues music search engine.

Brent Simpson Blues Blog
This New Zealand blog is mostly about Blues music and other Americana.

Malcolm Lane - Blues Harmonica Tuition
Like the blues? Learning to play blues harmonica by ear is the simplest and cheapest way to make blues music, a genre that more than any other underlies the popular music of the last 50 years.

Roots of Rock
The Roots Of Rock website is designed to expose Artists and the Music which has contributed, and continues to contribute, to the formation and evolution of Rock music, which for many of us is where our enjoyment of music began.

AllWebCo Hosting
Supplier of quality website templates and hosting services.

Blues Revue
Publication devoted to the full spectrum of the blues. Each issue has artist profiles, album reviews, and columns by some of the most respected writers on today's blues scene.

mKiwi New Zealand Search Engine
New Zealand Search Engine with an extensive list of NZ Blues sites.

Blues On Stage
An extensive collection of mainly US CD and live Blues reviews plus profiles and photo gallery.

Fred Davis's long running web site with an amazing library of links to Australian Blues artists, bands, web sites, festivals and clubs.
New Zealand Web Directory and Search Engine.



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