I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
625kb - 0:40

How We Used To Be
625kb - 0:40

625kb - 0:40

Scratched Vinyl
625kb - 0:40

Track List

I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water *
Austin Powell
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen *
Trad. arranged by Nigel Spiers
Ask Me Nothing But About The Blues **
Deadric Malone
How We Used To Be ***
Nigel Spiers
The Reason For Your Leaving ***
Nigel Spiers
Doctor Of Love ***
Nigel Spiers
Tragedy ***
Nigel Spiers
Lover Boy ***
Nigel Spiers
Scratched Vinyl ****
Nigel Spiers
Never Been In Love ****
Nigel Spiers
Bye and Bye ****
Nigel Spiers
Tom Cat Blues ****
Nigel Spiers

* Recorded in 1996 with the Dr. Jazz Blues Band: Bruce Ivey - Sax, Harp, Guitar & B.Vocals; Mike Shurety - Guitar & B. Vocals; Stephen Chadfield - Bass & B, Vocals; Marion Ivey - B. Vocals; Martin 'Sharpie' Sharp - Drums.

** Recorded in 1998 with The Marksmen: Bruce Ivey - Guitar, Simon Marks - Bass, Big Al Esis - Drums

*** Recorded in 2000: Brian Harley - Guitars, Simon Marks - Bass, Al Olds - Drums

**** Recorded in 2004 with The Garage Swing Band: Nick Blackmore - Guitar, Oliver Spiers - Guitar

Nigel Spiers - Vocals and Keyboards
Re-mixed and Mastered at Plynlimon Studios in April 2005, Christchurch, New Zealand
Album: Now & Then

Rhythm and Blues songs written, performed and recorded by Christchurch based New Zealand artist Nigel Spiers and friends.

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Brian Harley and Nigel Spiers

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